Easy Cleaning


How to Clean Your Kuvings Juicer




Wash it off with water

How to Flush (Quick rinse after juicing) Kuvings juicers Flush your juicer with fresh clean water to help push the pulp out and give it a pre-rinse.

You can either water your plants with it or drink it for yourself.





    Use Simple Cleaning Tools

    We all love the juice our juicers make, but many people find cleaning them difficult or tedious.

    You can easily clean your Kuvings juicer using cleaning tools.




      Cleaning Brush Method (Tip Cleaning Brush)

      This method is pretty simple. Use the tip cleaning brush to clean the holes of the filter.

      The cleaning brush is particularly helpful for stubborn pulp residue that sometimes cannot be reached with the rotary tool.


        March 28, 2024