The USA cooking magazine TASTE OF HOME selected the new Kuvings AUTO10 as the “Best Overall 2024”

Learning how to make cold-pressed juice is a skill worth investing in. Not only will it save you money in the long run (no more $13 green juices!), it’s a fun way to consume your daily fruits and veggies. With so many juicers on the market, selecting the best is easier said than done. Luckily, our Test Kitchen team tested and compared the top brands to help you identify the best masticating juicer for your needs and budget. Here is our top model to help you turn your favorite fruits and veggies into fresh juice, soups, and sauces.

TASTE OF HOME reviewed “The Kuvings Hands-Free Auto10 was not only a top performer with all produce tested, but it operated more quickly and quietly than all other models—and left nothing behind.”

TASTE OF HOME discovered the best part of The Kuvings Hands-Free Auto10 features a 100-ounce capacity hopper (one of the largest on the market) that automatically cuts and feeds your ingredients into the juicer for you.

No prep work or hand-holding is required. Just load it up, turn it on, and walk away. (But not too far, because the juice it yields is delicious!)

The Kuvings also comes equipped with a 1000-milliliter juice pitcher (the largest of all models tested), making this best masticating juicer convenient for large families, meal prepping or just about anyone wanting to make large batches of juice at home quickly. And why stop at juice? This all-in-one machine also makes smoothies, nut milk, and fruit sorbets.

While the Kuvings Auto10 isn’t cheap, if you’re juicing regularly, this machine is well worth the investment.

Pros the ‘Taste of Home’ discovered:

-Hands-free machine automatically cuts and feeds ingredients into a juicer; minimal to no prep required
-Largest hopper of all models tested; can load a bowl full of whole fruits and veggies
-Machine-extracted clean, fresh juice with zero waste
-Quick and quiet operation
-Easy to clean; includes cleaning brushes and strainer tool
-Equipped with sorbet and smoothie strainers


March 27, 2024