[NEW] Hands-Free Slow Juicer AUTO10

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10-Year Warranty on Motor, 1-Year Warranty on Parts

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Kuvings Auto 10 review

I have been contemplating of getting a slow juicer for months. Initially my intended purchase was Rev830 but didn't made up the mind as I am not a juicer person. However due to the fact to change the lifestyle, when I was shopping online I chance upon Auto10 model and was immediately attracted to the wide hopper. Without any more hesitation, I bought it within 10 mins. So I made this video for making the first juice which.ade up of 5 red apples, 4 carrots, 1 lemon and ginger. The juicing is so much easier than expected. Very pleased with the juicer and definitely will recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

Niraj Koradia
Excellent Slow juicer

Enquired sometime last month about its availability & bought this one last week, love the juice extracted, pulp extract is fairly dry, love the fact that we can mix fruits , veggies together for different blends, juice is so filling as its thick and maintains the texture throughout, hope it stays the same for a long time

Totally recommeded

I was scared of this juicer because of the price, but when I tell you it’s worth every penny, it has taken the worry and the stress out of juicing, no more long prep times, no more pre-cutting, just drop you fruit and vegetables in and out comes the juice with dry pulp

Chin Chin Ng
Poor Quality of Juice Strainer

I have been using Hurom for more than decade and thought of trying Kuvings AUTO10. Was attracted to a machine that can juice nuts, sorbet and smoothies.
Within 3 days of purchase, the juice strainer broke despite only using it to juice fruits and almond milk. Called the service centre and had it replaced. However, the replaced juice strainer is denied again after juicing almond. Mind you, this is after soaking almond nuts for 2 days.
Terrible juicer and definitely does not leave up to it's reputation.

Worth all the penny spent!

I am glad I bought this juicer when I thought of enhancing my wellness. As a lot of the reviews are showing how they are juicing, I am sharing here how easy it is to be cleaned. Initially, I thought weird that it is easy to remove the whole thing from the base of the machine. Until I have to clean it. Alas! I now know why. That is one of the reasons why It is easy to clean. The box also has 2 brushes to help clean the machine but I only used the small one since the whole thing just needs to run in water and only a few pulp reqlly needs to be taken out from the juicer. Loving it and been using it for a week now with no hassle.

Get Your Healthy Juice On with Kuvings!

Hands-Free Slow Juicer AUTO 10

Quench your thirst and nourish your body with our selection of delicious and healthy juices.

Kuvings and AUTO10

Do you know why you should choose kuvings AUTO10?

This makes drinking healthy juice more convenient and convenient for your life. It's not difficult.

Put ingredients in at once, do other things, and turn around. Because your own juice will be complete!

Kuvings AUTO10


Kitchen Innovation Award
Red dot Design Award
Spark Finalist Award

New, Hands-Free Slow Juicer

Convenient slow juicer with the world's largest capacity of 3000cc class automatic container and automatic cutting function

Mega Whopper

The world's largest capacity 3000cc automatic container.

By applying the world's largest capacity 3000cc automatic container, you can put large vegetables and fruits whole without cutting them, saving time for preparing ingredients.

Maximum wide opening width for the gigantic size of the Mega Hopper

A large capacity 3L Mega Hopper you can fill with fruits and vegetables to extract at once. An additional inlet to add ingredients into at any time, even during extraction.

Auto Cutting

By applying an automatic cutting mechanism, the double crushing blade of the upper container is designed to automatically cut the entire input material and quickly transfer the cut material to the juicer.

Powerful Motor

By applying a more powerful and durable motor, you can enjoy fresh juice for a longer period of time. In addition, the low-noise design reduces noise and vibration to provide a quiet juice extraction environment.

Various Recipes

A recipe book that the whole family can enjoy, such as basic juices, cocktails, and baby food, is included.
How to receive vegetables and fruits is also posted.

Use Simple Cleaning Tools

We all love the juice our juicers make, but many people find cleaning them difficult or tedious.

You can easily clean your Kuvings juicer using cleaning tools.

Hands Free!

It can be operated with the ingredients to be squeezed in the container, so there is no need to constantly add ingredients, and you can do other things while juice is being extracted, enabling efficient time distribution. In addition, a handle is applied to the side to facilitate
attachment and detachment of the container, adding to the convenience of use.

Extra Slot

An additional input hole is applied to the center of the lid of the auto hopper so that additional ingredients can be added during juice extraction, making it convenient for juice extraction.

Auto Cutting

Auto cutting, upgraded screw for silky juice, and a smart cutting technique for easier juicing and no clogging.

Durable Motor

Durable function allows you to enjoy fresh squeezed juice for a longer period of time. The low-noise design reduces noise and vibration to provide a quiet juice extraction environment.

Large Capacity

With a capacity of 3000cc, you can put large vegetables and fruits whole without cutting them, saving time.

Detachable Outlet

The juicer's wider pulp outlet makes cleaning more convenient compared to previous models.

Smart Cap

The improved square-shaped smart cap provides a better grip and easier juice dispensing.



What's in the box :Cleaning Brush, Juice Jug, Juicing Strainer, Pulp Jug, Pusher, Recipe Book, AUTO10 Manual, Rotation Brush
Model AUTO10
Use Household
Color Matte Black, Matte Silver, Matte Red, Matte White
Dimensions 207 x 254 x 459 mm
Weight 7.5 kg
Capacity 3000 ml
RPM 50 rpm
Voltage AC220-240V, 50/60Hz
Wattage 200 W
Maximum Use Less than 30 min
Warranty 10-Year Warranty on Motor, 1-year Warranty on Parts