Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer CHEF CS600 The Commercial Cold Press Juicer

We’ve been using them for around twelve or thirteen hours a day—without stopping—for several months.
We chose Kuvings juicers for their efficiency.


Kuvings commercial slow juicers are really efficient tools. We work with them all day long.

- IT Trattoria

We insert fruits and vegetables with minimal preparation.

A cold-pressed juicer that preserves vitamins, quality, and taste—and furthermore an efficient one

The choice was obvious!
The real advantage? We use some fruits without cutting them. Apples or any kind of whole fruits.

We place them directly in the juicer. It’s a huge time-saver
Here, we offer ten juice recipes, which can change according to the season..
We imagine a lot of possibilities.
It’s quality juice, for sure. Something fresh and dynamic, at least the one I’ve chosen.

Everything’s full of vitamins and good produce.

We can prepare any combination you can imagine.
We can juice lettuce, spinach, and vegetables to make detox drinks.

There’s a huge selection of products.
The flavor of the juice is activated by the fruit. Flavor is really important.