Kuvings’ past 45 years andthe next 100 years

NUC Electronics Co., Ltd. is a representative global manufacturer of premium kitchen appliances in Korea. Established in 1978, it introduced products based on a number of original technologies such as green juicer, crusher blender, fermenter, juicer, high-speed blender, and vacuum blender.

In particular, we will become a global leader in creating a unique and new food culture and experience in a way that only we can, providing trust and satisfaction to our customers with our infinite passion for innovative technology and original contents and our constant commitment to innovation.



01 ‘Kitchen Innovation Award’

2020 - 2022
  • 2022
    NRA show 2022 ‘Kitchen Innovation Award’- CB1000
    01 Kitchen Innovation Award 2022 – CB1000, REVO830, INNO 300

  • 2021
    BBC Good food Magazine ‘7 of the best juicers to buy in 2021’ , England – EVO820GQ Magazine ‘Best juicers 2021’, England – EVO820

  • 2020
    Kitchen Innovation Award Winner in Germany – MOTIV1BBC magazine Best juicer award, England – EVO820
2010 - 2019
  • 2019
    Housewares Awards 2019 Finalists, United Kingdom – EVO820
    03 Red Dot AWARD 2019 Winner, Germany – MOTIV1

  • 2018
    Grand Prize for SME Intellectual Property Managers’ Association – Minister of Industry and Commerce2018 FIHAV (Cuban) Best Design Award – CS600 for Commercial use
    Designated as a Star Enterprise 100 – (Daegu Metropolitan City)
    04 Received Red Dot AWARD 2018 – V850(SV-500)
    02 Awarded 2017 iF Design Award – V850(SV-500)

  • 2017
    Awarded Achievement Award as Excellent CEO, Korean Hidden ChampionReceived Red Dot AWARD 2017
    02 Awarded 2017 Kitchen Innovation Winner (Ambiente, Germany)
    01 Awarded 2017 iF Design Award

  • 2016
    Selected as a Star Corporation (Korea Credit Guarantee Fund)Certified as SME intellectual property management (the Korean Intellectual Property Office)Selected in top 10 Star Corporations in 2016 (Daegu Metropolitan City)
    07 President of NUC Electronics Co., Ltd. Jong-Boo Kim, appointed as the fourth president of the Association of Science and Technology Information
    Awarded Excellent Star Brand in 2016 by Electronic Times News, Co., Ltd.
    04 Designated as a family corporation of KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information)

  • 2015
    Selected as Global Premium Household Item in the Juicer Sector (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
    07 Awarded 2015 World Class 300
    Designated Design Research Center of NUC Electronics Co., Ltd. as a company-affiliated research institute (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
    03 Selected as Best Trader of the Month (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)Appointed the 12th Chairman of the Board of the University-Industry Research Institute

  • 2014
    Awarded Discovery of This Year (Product) by a Polish official product competition, LAUR-ENDCONSUMERRanked Winner (1st) Professional Juicer in Denmark in the juice maker sector (TEST VINDER)Ranked the Best (1st) in the juicer sector by the Australian consumer magazine CHOICEAwarded the Medal for Export of 50 Million Dollars for the 51st Korea Trade DaySeoul International Invention Fair SEMI-GRAND PRIZE SILVER PRIZE Kuvings JuicerSeoul International Invention Fair GOLD PRIZE juicer
    11 Spark Product Design Awards Finallists – Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer
    10 Awarded Prime Minister’s commendation for Quality Innovation
    Nominated as the World Star EnterpriseNominated as the Vice President of Council of Scientific and Technical Information for the 3rd

  • 2013
    Acquired “Single PPM Quality” certification by Small and Medium Business AdministrationAcquired certification for innovative technology by SME
    06 Nominated for the best working environmentGrand prize winner for Product Safety Management
    04 Acquired ITQA certification

  • 2012
    Consumer’s Day, Corporate Recognition of Excellence (Fair Trade Commission)Consume-Centered Business, Corporate Certification of Excellence (Fair Trade Commission)
    05 Selected as one of top 50 smartest companies of May 2012 (by M.K Newspaper and Korea Federation of small and medium business)

  • 2011
    Trend Leader Award for Kuvings Silent Juicer in Appliance World Expo-Shanghai 2011.Gold Medal Award for Kuvings Silent Juicer in 39th Int’l Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products in Geneva, Swiss.
    04 Special Award for Kuvings Silent Juicer in 39th Int’l Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products in Geneva, Swiss.Gold Medal Award for Kuvings Silent Juicer in INPEX International Awards in Pittsburg, USA.
    03 Special Award for Kuvings Silent Juicer in INPEX International Awards in Pittsburg, USA
1978 - 2009
  • 2009
    Acquired NET(New Excellent Technology) Certificate by Ministry of Knowledge Economy

  • 2008
    Entrusted as Vice President of Daegu Branch of Korea International Trade AssociationEntrusted as Member of the 5th Regulatory Reform Committee in Daegu Municipality
    05 Approved Export Manufacturing Company By Daegu Chamber of Commerce

  • 2007
    Established USA BranchAwarded Venture Design Gold medal for Multi function Juice Extractor
    10 Acquired Single PPM Quality Certification
    Acquired GD(Good Design) Mark for Multi function Juice Extractor

  • 2006
    Nominated as Innovative company by Small and Medium Business Administration
    07 Nominated as the Best Partner by GS Home shopping

  • 2005
    Awarded Silver Category Top in Design by Prime Minister.
    03 Nominated as the Best Partner by LG and HD

  • 2004
    Nominated as INNO-BIZ Company (High-Tech Venture Company)
    05 Acquired ISO 14001Acquired GD Mark (Good Design Mark) for Yogurt Maker

  • 2002
    Acquired CE Certification
    Awarded Presidential Honor for the Contribution to Invention

  • 2001
    Acquired UL/CUL
    Awarded ISO 9001 Certification

  • 2000
    Implementation of ERP System
    Received Q mark Certification

  • 1998
    Awarded ISO 9002 Certification

  • 1978
    Established NUC Electronics Co., Ltd.

Since 1978

Established NUC Electronics Co., Ltd.

Founder J.B. Kim sought to make healthy living easier with
innovative household appliances.

1990 ~ 2000

Created Tools for Healthy Eating
NUC began producing horizontal masticating juicers, slow cookers, and blenders. Most notably, NUC's yogurt maker sold over 5 million units in one year.

2001 ~ 2011

Invented Original Vertical Slow Juicer
A deviation from the decades-old horizontal models, this new vertical design saved space and worked with the pull of gravity to juice more efficiently.


Introduced World's First Wide Mouth Slow Juicer
The revolutionary design featured a wide feed chute to accommodate whole ingredients, which reduced prep time.


Unveiled Vacuum Blender
Our vacuum blender was created to remove air from the container before blending, which retains beverages' nutrients and flavor.


New Product Development
45 years later, Kuvings still prioritizes healthy living with
exciting new products in the works.