REVO830 Citrus Attachment

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Totally recommend!

Best juice extractor attachment I have ever tried. It definitely gets all of the juice and pulp out of the fruit as described and I love pulp in my juice. very innovative use as an attachment for the Slow Juicer unit for citrus fruits that are meant to be extracted by different means. Definitely good design and less stress on the hands and wrists instead of juicing manually. Looking to gift this to my daughter for her birthday.

Sharon Khoo
REVO830 Citrus Attachment

Squeeze the living daylights out of my citrus fruit. No regrets owning this citrus attachment. And easy to clean

We make it easier than ever to enjoy fresh juice!

Kuvings Citrus press attachments for Revo830. Continue your juicing lifestyle with Kuvings original spares that consistently provides you high quality juice. Kuvings sets the standard in Slow Juicer.

Citrus attachments is great for quickly making 1-2 cups of juice. 

No need to peel citrus. 

 Enjoy juice with a light amount of pulp added texture.

Whole Slow Juicer

Peels must be removed

Silky-smooth juice
with little to no pulp

Great for batch
juicing over 500ml

With Whole Slow Juicer
using Citrus Attachment

☑ No need to peel

A light amount of pulp
for added texture

☑ Great for quickly making
1-2 cups of juice

☑ Choose the juicing option that works best for your preference!

The citrus attachment is great for juicing oranges without peeling them (orange peels are bitter when juiced regularly). It saves time when making large quantities of citrus juice, and improves the yield. See the citrus attachment in action here: